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Tempest reveal! Empty Tempest reveal!

Post by Xana on Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:47 am

Super excited. Can't wait for GW to put up their post, but TTH got some info:


I'm very curious about this overload business... though the idea of not having access to an attunement for 15-20 secs (depending on traits) makes me a little anxious. That aside... This seems like a really nice mix of support and damage. Dagger/Warhorn could be fun... Or scepter/warhorn.

Shouts are sweet, that'll be a nice little variety.

I'll have to actually watch on Friday, see what it looks like.


Here's GW blog post. More or less all the same info. However. For overload, you just stick on one attunement for x amount of time and you'll get to overload.


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